VAL Audio Review from Russian Hi-Fi Show' 2005

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Computer acoustic systems of Hi END class
(Summary of Russian Hi-fi Show 2005)
Active acoustic systems with the built-in vacuum-tube amplifiers of firm "V.A.L. International Ltd." drew our attention at the end of February at the latest "Hi-fi Show ' 2005" Exhibition held in Moscow.
_ I present to your attention the active acoustic systems of the firm
__"V.A.L." I for the first time was introduced to the production of this firm on the past
__in Moscow at the end of February to exhibition "Hi- fi Show 2005", and was pleasantly
__ astonished to its "finding".
_ V.A.L. International Ltd. – is one of the leading Companies of China in the field of production Hi-End of amplifiers and Hi- fi acoustic systems. For more than 10 years it supplies its production for the Chinese market, and, it is necessary to note that not many other companies in China have this prolonged professional experience in the area of the production of audio technology. The Company also is proud of that fact that it was the first in the history of China High-End vacuum-tube amplifiers to be released by V.A.L International Ltd. in the race of the creation of the newest multimedia systems. The Company also occupies the leading place among all other companies of Asia, which specialize in this region.
_ The technology of tubes in active acoustic loudspeakers are of the highest quality as is unique production for entire world market. The high quality of sound reproduction in combination with the stylish extrinsic ethos and exclusivity by the craftsmanship of production, determine the high correlation coefficient of quality to the price, determined in these active acoustic systems. Tubes noticeably being suitable for their use with HT and in Hi- fi audio systems.
_ In essence, the production of Company V.A.L. International Ltd. is exported to the countries of Europe, America and southeastern Asia. On the markets for these countries it has already long ago conquered both the solid position and the high popularity.
_ In the list of the produced by firm V.A.L. active acoustic systems I found more than the original model LS3/д, made on the base of the legendary monitors of the near field "LS3/д" the specially developed for the small studios companies by the "BBC". In the different years these studio monitors let out the best firms, a number of which included KEF and ROGERS. LS3/д - are undoubted one of most known in entire book shelf acoustic systems, that caught the fancy

to the enormous number of worshippers of quality sound. Firm V.A.L., also decided to supplement the list of the producers of this, already long ago become a classical, model of the studio monitors of the BBC, but made this more than it is original, after building inside these babies vacuum-tube amplifiers, and, thus, after converting them into the active acoustic systems. If to you interested in my opinion, then here "without the commentaries". 4 I did not hear this LS3/д in the version from V.A.L. (model was not demonstrated in the Moscow Hi- fie Show ' 2005)

_ From the fact that for me it was possible to hear, it is desirable to especially note model M20 MKIII. This is shelf type two-band active acoustic system with the tender and warm sound. The model is equipped with the built-in vacuum-tube amplifier (driver on triodes ECF88, and the output stage on pentode EL84). As a whole, the sound of the M20 MKIII seemed by sufficiently soft, but in this case

that it was not deprived of detail. Vacuum-tube amplifiers are capable "of softening" the effect of rigid "digital sounding", and this model of active acoustics, as cannot better it will approach for hearing of music from the digital sources of audio signal, such, as computer sound cards. Greatly I recommend!

_ With the results of testing model M20 MKIII by those presented by British expert in the region of acoustic systems Peter Duminy it is possible to become acquainted HERE.

_ The cost of the represented models of the active acoustic systems of firm V.A.L. is within the limits from $750 (model M20 MK III) to $870 (model LUXOR L9 with the transistor amplifier).

_ The scripter and photographs with Hi- fie Show ' 2005 Aleksey GOOD_.OFF
__________________________________________________ (07/03/2005)

_ I finally: WHERE TO PURCHASE the active acoustics V.A.L. can be learned HERE.
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