● What is Hi-Fi?

"Hi-Fi" is the abbreviation of the words "High-Fidelity", meaning the audio equipment should reflect the original sound signal “as is” with as little change as possible. Theoretically, the original signal should not be deteriorated or modified in any way. The Hi-Fi concept is similar to photography, in that it requires a true reflection of the object onto film. Listening to some CD players, Phono Cartridges, Audio Amplifiers, and Loudspeakers, even those reaching very high standards in Hi-Fi quality, can result in a less than pleasant experience due to various distortions and colorations. For example, in an ideal World, an amplifier would be a straight wire with gain. However, due to various circuit designs and variable component quality, the ideal amplifier concept is not always an easy goal to achieve. Loudspeakers, being mainly electromechanical devices, also tend to exhibit variable results to the listener when comparing them to the original source of the sound and performance.

It is only through the dedicated Research and Development of all of the products used in sound reproduction, that the theoretical goal of reaching sonic perfection to the original sound can be realized. To this end, VAL Audio International dedicates inordinate amounts of time and resources on R&D to raise the standards of true High-Fideltly to a whole new level in the Audio Industry.

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