● What is Hi-end?

In the minds of many people, Hi-end means Hi-Fi that has reached near perfection. In fact though, Hi-end is quite different in it’s concept from Hi-Fi. The Hi-Fi industry is mostly technology driven, whilst Hi-end is mainly responsible for the level of quality in State of the Art products and their design. Besides meeting the basic Hi-Fi technology specifications, Hi-end pursues culture, feeling, characteristics, and acoustical personality. People can select a sonic signature according to their tastes by adjusting the equipment parameters, such as the amplifier, loudspeakers, CD, (DVD) player and so on. With the Hi-end concept one can influence the sound textures to obtain more of a "British sound", or perhaps a "German sound" for example. It allows for sound beautification with personality, and the highest degree of musicality. VAL Audio International has always held the belief that Hi-end is rather like impressionist painting, possessing it's own style, genre and expressive ways.

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