● What is Vacuum Tube Technology?

Vacuum tube technology is the earliest form of amplification in the history of sound reproduction. In fact, the history of vacuum tubes can be traced back to its primary British inventor Sir John Ambrose Fleming, whose tube diode was patented in 1904. Fleming's invention was the ancestor of the modern triode and other multielectrode vacuum tubes now used in today’s amplifiers. By the early 1960’s however, transistors had become very popular, as they were small, cool running, powerful, and more importantly cheaper to produce. Unfortunately, the vacuum tube tended to disappear over time from more and more electronic equipment due to the transistor's positive attributes. So much so in fact, that they can hardly be found today, except in PC monitors (display tubes), CRT TVs (picture display tubes), Oscilloscopes, and some very specialized equipment. One exception however, is the immense growing popularity once more in advanced Hi-End audio systems.

The last ten years of the Audio Industry has undergone many changes in quality of source material, playback devices, namely CD players, and most of all, loudspeaker technology. The best of today’s loudspeakers have higher efficiency and in most cases, superb resolution capabilities. These improvements in tandem with the upstream electronics can now present the true attributes of tube amplification more now than ever to the listener. Manufacturers and audio enthusiasts the World over are realizing once again the tube’s benefits of superb imaging, smoothness, and crystal clear detail when comparing to most modern transistor based designs. Transistors tend to have audible nonlinearities of an odd-order harmonic nature, giving a harsher and more edgy sounding rendition. High quality tube designs however, tend to produce their miniscule nonlinearities in even order harmonics, which tend to be much more pleasing to the ear, giving a warm, lush sound, and enveloping the listener with preserved subtle nuances in the recording.

We at VAL International Ltd. invite everyone to enjoy the absolute finest and most satisfying experiences in listening pleasure, with our superb vacuum tube technology and loudspeaker designs. Quite simply, the reward will be sonic purity for many years to come.

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