Useful Links for our Customers and Visitors
Links to some other web sites you may find interesting.

How Vacuum Tubes Work

In detail information of the inner workings of tubes

The British Broadcasting Corporation Research Department

Excellent source of information for loudspeakers and audio/video in general (Publications)

The History of Radio (USA)

Excellent and rare photos adorn this site showing how tubes brought entertainment to so many homes

How Loudspeakers Work

Simple but effective information on the art of creating a fine loudspeaker with good engineering basics

Audio Review Website (USA)

One of the largest and most useful collections of independent reviews on all types of Consumer Electronics

HDCD Source Page

Microsoft’s’ HDCD resource page for the latest in High Definition CD and DVD Recordings

Welcome to Headroom (USA)

A fascinating site dedicated to the Headphone aficionado with fine reviews and information

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